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About Healing Vibes :

Healing Vibes is an online platform that talks mainly about the yogic approach to life. According to us, yoga is not just about stretching or a one-hour workout; it’s a way of life. Healing vibes discusses yoga as a whole. Our objective is to discuss problems at the physical, emotional, and mental levels.

About Karan Dave :

I’m a 24 years old learner who wants to make a difference in this world through his words. I’m a yoga instructor by profession. I conduct both group and personal sessions. I love to dance, play guitar once in a while (still learning), I’m a sketch artist as well. I try to improvise every day and try to better than yesterday.

It would be a bit of a stretch to call myself an author or a writer. I like to call myself a ‘Learner’. I learn something new every day. How? I love to observe my surroundings carefully and try to figure out the actions and the consequences of the same.

Hope you like the content. Feedback and criticism are always appreciated.

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