Why Psychiatrists are recommending yoga as a therapy?

Yoga is believed to be ancient and has been mentioned in scriptures such as Vedas. It is also said that Lord Shiva was a Yogi himself. Yoga is not just limited to an hour of workout it’s a way of living. It works on your physical, mental, emotional, and also at spiritual levels. This is what makes it so unique. However, when somebody hears the word yoga the first thing that comes to their mind is flexibility and all the fancy forms such as hot yoga, acro yoga, beer yoga, and whatnot. Below are some of the reasons why it can be practiced as a therapy.


Breathing is the simplest technique that one can practice. You must be thinking that why would you need someone to teach you how to breathe, you would’ve died if you didn’t know how to! The answer lies within your question. Read the previous line again if you can find it out yourself but if you’re reading this in a hurry, here’s the answer. We breathe subconsciously just to keep our soul alive. The breathwork that I’m talking about is the one where we sit comfortably, take a couple of deep breaths, and release all the tension that we have in our body. Let’s try it right now. Start inhaling right now and keep inhaling and stop, now start exhaling slowly and keep the flow steady. Do this one more time. I’m sure you’re feeling a bit relaxed. This repeated deep conscious breathing gives your mind clarity and releases a happy and calming chemical known as endorphins.

Now, that I have your complete attention, I just want to say that you’re a wonderful human being. Keep it up.


As I’ve said before, meditation is not limited to a room where you sit in a certain posture for a long time and try to concentrate and meditate while in reality, you’re just waiting for it to be over. If that’s how you feel then you’re not meditating, you’re just torturing yourself. Meditation is simple, don’t try to complicate it. It’s done to calm your mind and to keep it away from all those infinite thoughts and possibilities which are probably never going to happen in your life. Of course, watching a favorite movie is not meditation, but making one as your passion is. In simple terms, meditation is doing something that you truly love. 

Asanas with mindfulness

Yes, you read it right. Performing asanas with your mind wondering what to cook for dinner or how can he afford that fancy car? Doesn’t do justice to either you or the posture. When being mindful about what posture or asana you are practicing it gives you holistic benefits. All you have to do is feel all the muscles that are getting worked up for physical benefits and focus on your breath to calm your mind with anxious, depressive thoughts bombarding you.


It’s really important to do your homework. Your first homework is to look up for yoga trainers that fit the type of classes you want to take. Word of mouth is the best way to find out about good yoga instructors around you. The next step is to see what kind of classes they conduct. Don’t worry you can always ask for a demo. The last step is to trust your trainer and believe in them and do your homework as they give you (if any). After all, you already did all the research and then joined their classes.

Remember, when you join a class, don’t consider it as a therapy, enjoy it as a part of your life and I’m positive that you’ll love it. 

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Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels