#05. What is yoga? myths vs truth

Are you among those people who went for their first yoga session and were utterly shocked to know that it’s different from what you’ve have heard all this time? I’m sure you must’ve heard one of these myths, firstly, they say that yoga is nothing but stretching. I don’t know what kind of a yoga session they’ve been to, but I’m definite that it’s more than stretching.

Secondly, yoga is for females only. The truth is that yoga is for everybody, from children to senior citizens. It has a holistic approach altogether. I mean, if you’re are doing an asana and you’re present at the moment, and your mind is not wandering elsewhere. They give you benefits at a physical, mental, and emotional level. Allow me to explain some of them.

Warrior Pose (Any variation): As the name suggests, Warrior Pose is a powerful pose that requires a lot of strength just like a real warrior. This pose enhances your balance and strengthens your core. It requires very less or no flexibility because even if your thighs are not as flexible, need not worry, proper alignment will give you the same benefits as a flexible yogi.

Mental and emotional benefits: This particular asana, when performed, gives you a feeling of strength. It makes you happy as you see yourself as a powerful being at that moment. The gained strength then sends your brain signals to not worry about any problem, and this helps you to take a break from feelings like stress, anxiety, weakness, and so on.

Tree pose: Again, the only thing this pose requires is for you to focus at one point. If you’re good at focusing, then it will be like a walk in a park for you. It also requires a little bit of strength; after all, if you don’t have enough power to hold your body on one foot, it’s meaningless. If not, don’t worry. Neither Rome was built in a day, nor we learned how to walk right after we were born. Work on your strength, increase focus and find your balance, and everything will work out well for you.

Mental and emotional benefits: the feeling of being able to balance on one foot gives you confidence and also boosts your self-esteem.

Pranayamas: Pranayama means controlling and balancing your breath. We can survive for days without food and water, but we cannot sustain a few minutes without breath. Practicing pranayamas every day improves your quality of breathing, benefits your respiratory tract, and avoids any future respiratory disorder.

Mental and emotional benefits: Yes, even such simple breathing techniques can help you at all levels. If practiced daily, it makes you feel fresh all the time, relaxes your nervous system, and all that leads to a good mood and an open mind to making important decisions in life.

The truth is, if you’re mindful of any work in hand, you are practicing yoga. For instance, If you’re good with art and you sit to draw or paint, you’re practicing yoga. If you play instruments in your free time, that’s yoga. Yoga is not limited to a studio where you stretch your body for an hour. It’s a lot more than you can even imagine. 

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#03. Is our life really short or long?

Do you love the life you are living at the moment? I hope so, but there are a number of individuals who don’t appreciate life, are you one of them? They are like Yes, No, maybe, I don’t know. It’s really complicated, some of you might say. It’s completely alright, you don’t have to know it right here right now. Let’s look at some of the reasons why I’ve asked myself such a question.

Why would you think that life is short?

The answer is quite simple, you are enjoying life to the fullest. You don’t want the fun to end just yet. I mean, it’s not a bad thing at all, you should live life as you want to because you are blessed with a beautiful soul and a journey that wishes to unfold.

Why are you not sure about how life is?

It’s not necessary to figure out life just yet. You have plenty of time to do that. Just because your friends have figured it all out doesn’t mean you have to too. You will eventually find a way, after all, you are the only one who can make the decisions, right?

Why would you think that life is long?

It’s maybe because you feel that this life is not treating you well. You are probably thinking that it’s unfair that every bad thing is happening with you. It’s not your fault that you think this way, you’re just trying to figure out what to do with this life. At some point, you need to realize that life is amazing and have a different perspective, it’s out there, you just need to find it.

To be very honest, I believe life is unpredictable. I can go on and talk about life for, I don’t know, 2 or 3 pages. But in the end, it’s all up to you and how you take it. It’s really difficult to prove whether life is short or long, it’s full of surprises; and if you’re like me who loves surprises, hold tight because you’re in for a rollercoaster ride. I simply mean, don’t worry about the future, don’t live in the past, just trust yourself and cherish the moment in your present. That’s life.

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