#06. How does yoga help dealing with anxiety?

It’s very important for us to first understand what exactly anxiety is. Anxiety is an uneasy feeling of fear or worry, that can be severe or mild. It’s okay to be worried or anxious when you’re giving an interview, or writing an exam, or having a medical test; The feeling disappears completely when the task is completed. The real problem starts when this feeling causes trouble in your daily life and doesn’t go away for months. Today we will learn how yoga helps to deal with such anxiety disorders.

Meditation: Let us be very clear about the term meditation. It does not mean that you ALWAYS have to sit in one position for long minutes or several hours. Meditation simply means an action that makes you forget about everything and gives you a feeling of joy. For you, meditation could be, coloring books, cooking meals, swimming, running, dancing, etc. It could be anything. Literally anything that distracts your mind completely.

Breathing techniques: Don’t worry, there’s no complicated science required to learn breathing techniques. You’re alive because you’re doing it right. All you need to do is focus and bring your mind to concentrate on your breathing and if possible take a few deep breaths till it calms you and your mind completely. That’s it. And Tada! You’re the master of breathing techniques.

Relaxation: it’s true that for some people lack of sleep is part of their anxiety issues, so how do we relax? Simple! Meditate for some time, focus on your breathing techniques then slowly lie down while continuing your focus on breathing and try to pass through any kind of thought that comes to your mind. For example, If a negative thought kicks in, don’t fight it, let it through, try to push it away by thinking of something that brings joy to you, or just keep maintaining your focus on your breath.

Asanas: Performing asanas are highly recommended because it helps you at physical, mental, and even at an emotional level.  An hour of daily practice can reduce the number of times you feel those sudden anxiety attacks. So, in other words, we can say that asanas are also a kind of meditation. Don’t just limit yourself to asanas, any form of exercise would do. Kickboxing, functional training, badminton, gymming, etc. EXPLORE.

It’s not an easy journey but it’s a road that only you can walk. You can have your friends around to support you. If you trust them enough, share it with them. Sometimes, our friends and family know us better than we do. They can guide you through it. If it helps, don’t be ashamed and think less of yourself if you have this disorder. After all, being ashamed is like worrying about what people might think. In other words, It’s like giving a happy meal to anxiety. The only person who can defeat your anxiety is YOU, so find your way to defeat it. You can do it.

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