Why Psychiatrists are recommending yoga as a therapy?

Yoga is believed to be ancient and has been mentioned in scriptures such as Vedas. It is also said that Lord Shiva was a Yogi himself. Yoga is not just limited to an hour of workout it’s a way of living. It works on your physical, mental, emotional, and also at spiritual levels. This is what makes it so unique. However, when somebody hears the word yoga the first thing that comes to their mind is flexibility and all the fancy forms such as hot yoga, acro yoga, beer yoga, and whatnot. Below are some of the reasons why it can be practiced as a therapy.


Breathing is the simplest technique that one can practice. You must be thinking that why would you need someone to teach you how to breathe, you would’ve died if you didn’t know how to! The answer lies within your question. Read the previous line again if you can find it out yourself but if you’re reading this in a hurry, here’s the answer. We breathe subconsciously just to keep our soul alive. The breathwork that I’m talking about is the one where we sit comfortably, take a couple of deep breaths, and release all the tension that we have in our body. Let’s try it right now. Start inhaling right now and keep inhaling and stop, now start exhaling slowly and keep the flow steady. Do this one more time. I’m sure you’re feeling a bit relaxed. This repeated deep conscious breathing gives your mind clarity and releases a happy and calming chemical known as endorphins.

Now, that I have your complete attention, I just want to say that you’re a wonderful human being. Keep it up.


As I’ve said before, meditation is not limited to a room where you sit in a certain posture for a long time and try to concentrate and meditate while in reality, you’re just waiting for it to be over. If that’s how you feel then you’re not meditating, you’re just torturing yourself. Meditation is simple, don’t try to complicate it. It’s done to calm your mind and to keep it away from all those infinite thoughts and possibilities which are probably never going to happen in your life. Of course, watching a favorite movie is not meditation, but making one as your passion is. In simple terms, meditation is doing something that you truly love. 

Asanas with mindfulness

Yes, you read it right. Performing asanas with your mind wondering what to cook for dinner or how can he afford that fancy car? Doesn’t do justice to either you or the posture. When being mindful about what posture or asana you are practicing it gives you holistic benefits. All you have to do is feel all the muscles that are getting worked up for physical benefits and focus on your breath to calm your mind with anxious, depressive thoughts bombarding you.


It’s really important to do your homework. Your first homework is to look up for yoga trainers that fit the type of classes you want to take. Word of mouth is the best way to find out about good yoga instructors around you. The next step is to see what kind of classes they conduct. Don’t worry you can always ask for a demo. The last step is to trust your trainer and believe in them and do your homework as they give you (if any). After all, you already did all the research and then joined their classes.

Remember, when you join a class, don’t consider it as a therapy, enjoy it as a part of your life and I’m positive that you’ll love it. 

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#06. How does yoga help dealing with anxiety?

It’s very important for us to first understand what exactly anxiety is. Anxiety is an uneasy feeling of fear or worry, that can be severe or mild. It’s okay to be worried or anxious when you’re giving an interview, or writing an exam, or having a medical test; The feeling disappears completely when the task is completed. The real problem starts when this feeling causes trouble in your daily life and doesn’t go away for months. Today we will learn how yoga helps to deal with such anxiety disorders.

Meditation: Let us be very clear about the term meditation. It does not mean that you ALWAYS have to sit in one position for long minutes or several hours. Meditation simply means an action that makes you forget about everything and gives you a feeling of joy. For you, meditation could be, coloring books, cooking meals, swimming, running, dancing, etc. It could be anything. Literally anything that distracts your mind completely.

Breathing techniques: Don’t worry, there’s no complicated science required to learn breathing techniques. You’re alive because you’re doing it right. All you need to do is focus and bring your mind to concentrate on your breathing and if possible take a few deep breaths till it calms you and your mind completely. That’s it. And Tada! You’re the master of breathing techniques.

Relaxation: it’s true that for some people lack of sleep is part of their anxiety issues, so how do we relax? Simple! Meditate for some time, focus on your breathing techniques then slowly lie down while continuing your focus on breathing and try to pass through any kind of thought that comes to your mind. For example, If a negative thought kicks in, don’t fight it, let it through, try to push it away by thinking of something that brings joy to you, or just keep maintaining your focus on your breath.

Asanas: Performing asanas are highly recommended because it helps you at physical, mental, and even at an emotional level.  An hour of daily practice can reduce the number of times you feel those sudden anxiety attacks. So, in other words, we can say that asanas are also a kind of meditation. Don’t just limit yourself to asanas, any form of exercise would do. Kickboxing, functional training, badminton, gymming, etc. EXPLORE.

It’s not an easy journey but it’s a road that only you can walk. You can have your friends around to support you. If you trust them enough, share it with them. Sometimes, our friends and family know us better than we do. They can guide you through it. If it helps, don’t be ashamed and think less of yourself if you have this disorder. After all, being ashamed is like worrying about what people might think. In other words, It’s like giving a happy meal to anxiety. The only person who can defeat your anxiety is YOU, so find your way to defeat it. You can do it.

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#05. What is yoga? myths vs truth

Are you among those people who went for their first yoga session and were utterly shocked to know that it’s different from what you’ve have heard all this time? I’m sure you must’ve heard one of these myths, firstly, they say that yoga is nothing but stretching. I don’t know what kind of a yoga session they’ve been to, but I’m definite that it’s more than stretching.

Secondly, yoga is for females only. The truth is that yoga is for everybody, from children to senior citizens. It has a holistic approach altogether. I mean, if you’re are doing an asana and you’re present at the moment, and your mind is not wandering elsewhere. They give you benefits at a physical, mental, and emotional level. Allow me to explain some of them.

Warrior Pose (Any variation): As the name suggests, Warrior Pose is a powerful pose that requires a lot of strength just like a real warrior. This pose enhances your balance and strengthens your core. It requires very less or no flexibility because even if your thighs are not as flexible, need not worry, proper alignment will give you the same benefits as a flexible yogi.

Mental and emotional benefits: This particular asana, when performed, gives you a feeling of strength. It makes you happy as you see yourself as a powerful being at that moment. The gained strength then sends your brain signals to not worry about any problem, and this helps you to take a break from feelings like stress, anxiety, weakness, and so on.

Tree pose: Again, the only thing this pose requires is for you to focus at one point. If you’re good at focusing, then it will be like a walk in a park for you. It also requires a little bit of strength; after all, if you don’t have enough power to hold your body on one foot, it’s meaningless. If not, don’t worry. Neither Rome was built in a day, nor we learned how to walk right after we were born. Work on your strength, increase focus and find your balance, and everything will work out well for you.

Mental and emotional benefits: the feeling of being able to balance on one foot gives you confidence and also boosts your self-esteem.

Pranayamas: Pranayama means controlling and balancing your breath. We can survive for days without food and water, but we cannot sustain a few minutes without breath. Practicing pranayamas every day improves your quality of breathing, benefits your respiratory tract, and avoids any future respiratory disorder.

Mental and emotional benefits: Yes, even such simple breathing techniques can help you at all levels. If practiced daily, it makes you feel fresh all the time, relaxes your nervous system, and all that leads to a good mood and an open mind to making important decisions in life.

The truth is, if you’re mindful of any work in hand, you are practicing yoga. For instance, If you’re good with art and you sit to draw or paint, you’re practicing yoga. If you play instruments in your free time, that’s yoga. Yoga is not limited to a studio where you stretch your body for an hour. It’s a lot more than you can even imagine. 

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#04. 6 Simple tricks to a healthy lifestyle

It’s difficult for some of us to stick to a schedule, sometimes, we say “I’ll hit the gym tomorrow” and the next thing we know, summer is already here. Now, you’re thinking if it’s mandatory to work out an hour a day just to stay healthy? If yes, I don’t mind staying unfit. Let’s not do that. The following are some of the basic tips that will help you keep motivated to stay healthy without having to work out every day.

The stomach wants what it wants: Am I having enough food? Or am I over-eating? How am I supposed to know that? It’s really simple, just eat enough that you don’t feel hungry anymore. I’m not telling you to cut down on your diet or meal, just try to keep it moderate. A fluid (not water) along with your meal can really help with your diet. Also, eating on time is equally important.

Fruits a day, fatty-waistline away: Have as many seasonal fruits as you can. If nothing, you can have apples on a daily basis. Seasonal fruits are always recommended rather than having only selected fruits. Have fruits between your meals. The reason is simple every fruit has its own unique quality; like us, we all are unique individuals with different skills and expertise.

Good night, sleep tight: A good night’s sleep is very important to stay healthy and to carry out our daily work. The sleeping hours may vary from person to person. A salesman who performs physical work throughout a day might need more hours of sleep as compared to the one having a desk job. I believe 6 hours of sleep is a standard time to follow.  

Be mindful to be stomach-full: Have you ever noticed, it’s quite difficult to remember things we whilst you were multitasking. Make sure you don’t do that during your meal. Avoid chatting or watching videos on your tv, phone, laptops, etc. the nutrition that your body needs are in that food. Give a break to your hardworking brain. So, from here onwards try to have a meal in peace.

Measure your food, track your improvements: If you think diet is all about cutting down on your favorite foods, you couldn’t be more misguided. Diet nowadays mainly focuses on measurements. In simple words, if you had a cheese-loaded and dripping mayonnaise kind of pizza the other night, you need to avoid cheese, mayonnaise and other calorie-rich meal for the next day or two. Keep measuring.

Walk a mile or two: let’s face it if a diet is responsible for 80% of our weight loss regime. You need to follow the other 20% of the regime too. After all, we all know that the more you age, the less you should weigh. Just go for a brisk walk for 15 – 20 mins. That’s all you need to do. Walking works wonders.

It’s not necessary for you to join a gym and lift weights, some of us don’t like that and find it boring. In such cases, you can always go swimming, kickboxing, dancing, or any other physical activity that intrigues you. These are some of the small steps that you need to take for a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. If you follow these steps for at least a week then I’m sure you will definitely feel some positive changes within your body. If you do, don’t hesitate to write back to us.

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#03. Is our life really short or long?

Do you love the life you are living at the moment? I hope so, but there are a number of individuals who don’t appreciate life, are you one of them? They are like Yes, No, maybe, I don’t know. It’s really complicated, some of you might say. It’s completely alright, you don’t have to know it right here right now. Let’s look at some of the reasons why I’ve asked myself such a question.

Why would you think that life is short?

The answer is quite simple, you are enjoying life to the fullest. You don’t want the fun to end just yet. I mean, it’s not a bad thing at all, you should live life as you want to because you are blessed with a beautiful soul and a journey that wishes to unfold.

Why are you not sure about how life is?

It’s not necessary to figure out life just yet. You have plenty of time to do that. Just because your friends have figured it all out doesn’t mean you have to too. You will eventually find a way, after all, you are the only one who can make the decisions, right?

Why would you think that life is long?

It’s maybe because you feel that this life is not treating you well. You are probably thinking that it’s unfair that every bad thing is happening with you. It’s not your fault that you think this way, you’re just trying to figure out what to do with this life. At some point, you need to realize that life is amazing and have a different perspective, it’s out there, you just need to find it.

To be very honest, I believe life is unpredictable. I can go on and talk about life for, I don’t know, 2 or 3 pages. But in the end, it’s all up to you and how you take it. It’s really difficult to prove whether life is short or long, it’s full of surprises; and if you’re like me who loves surprises, hold tight because you’re in for a rollercoaster ride. I simply mean, don’t worry about the future, don’t live in the past, just trust yourself and cherish the moment in your present. That’s life.

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#02. Am I hurting myself when I think of taking revenge?

We, humans, are considered to be the smartest of all species. The only difference between us and other species is that we are blessed with the power to, first think and then act. In simple terms, we don’t need to be trained. Thinking of revenge might seem fair but if you think carefully it takes up most of your productive time to plan and execute, and even after that you have to make sure those things go according to your plan. What if it does not? Every minute of your time is wasted. Now, you must be thinking that how do I get back at them. Well, DON’T!

Why not, you ask? Simple, use that power to think and focus it on something productive. This will lead you to two things. One, you will eventually forgive and forget everything. Two, your focus will divert to more important things such as career rather than getting back at them. But then again I’m sure, you must be saying “easier said than done.”

Following are some of the tricks and tips that might help you get over those plans:

Indulge in some hobby that you love, it will relax your mind and since it would be something you’re really good at then it will definitely make you feel good about yourself. As a result, you will avoid hurting others around you and eventually build up good relations with them. How? You won’t be frustrated and angry about anything and won’t burst out on someone who had nothing to do with the matter.

Find a creative way to polish and improve your hobby by entering a community, gain more knowledge and use it to improvise every day. Connect on social media and engage with other individuals like you and collaborate with them. Trust me, it is fun.

Spend on supplies or maybe earn through your hobby. The choice is yours if you just want to keep going and not monetize your hobby, it’s entirely your decision. But, if you think you’re getting good at it and earn some extra cash, then, why not?

By the time you complete these three simple steps, you will be able to think rationally that was it worth spending my time thinking of something like revenge? you will realize that it’s a waste of time and most importantly bad influence on your health. Even if you don’t engage with your hobbies on a daily basis for at least an hour I’m affirmative that you will find a way to go about that concerned matter. I might have said forget about it but it was just a step to make your mind calm and think rationally about all the good things that are there to do, rather than wasting time on getting back at someone. It’s tough, I know, but not impossible.

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#01. Is eating on time really important for a balanced diet?

Various factors play a vital role when it comes to a balanced diet or even weight loss, and eating on time is one of those factors. Let’s face it; the reason you’re here is that you either wish to gain or lose weight. Now that you know it’s essential to eat on time, you must be thinking – What time is the best time to eat? What if it’s almost impossible for me to eat on time as per my schedule? Don’t worry, we’ll find out everything that is to it, shall we?

Best time to have your meals:

Dinner: Yes, we all know that the first meal of the day is called breakfast, but trust me, you will find out why I wrote dinner first in a minute. Moving ahead, dinner must be consumed around 7 PM. There should be 3 hours gap between your dinner and bedtime. Therefore, the latest you can have your dinner is between 8 – 8:30 PM. The reason is simple, your body rests at night, and hopefully, you don’t expect your stomach to churn and digest for you while you’re sleeping. As a result, food is left undigested, which leads to irregular and inadequate breakfast. Also, don’t forget to eat light at night, if you can’t manage to eat by 8:30 PM.

Breakfast: You might have heard about this a lot that never ignore breakfast. Instead, it’s the most important meal of the day, and that’s true. You need energy, and thus, you need to have heavy breakfast to function at your fullest, be it work or some personal errand. If you skip your breakfast, you’re probably facing the most common issues like acidity, gas, dizzy, laziness, and so on. The simple reason being you slept for 6 – 8 hours and your body hasn’t had anything to eat. Now is the best time to fill up. So, the best time to have your breakfast is half an hour after waking up, but not after 10 AM.

Lunch: Just like breakfast is linked with proper dinner, and lunch is linked with breakfast. The ideal time to have lunch is around 12:45 PM, and the latest you can eat is by 2 – 2:30 PM. Let’s say you’re busy preparing for a meeting, or even a presentation at the last minute that’s due tomorrow. You managed to skip your lunch, and its past 3 pm. What do you do? You have your lunch then! NO, you have something light but healthy to make up for your skipped meal and wait to have proper dinner.

Snacks: Since the gap between lunch and dinner is almost 7 hours, you must have some snacks around 4 PM. In short, if I have to sum up everything, there should be 2 to 3 hours of gap between your meals. Keep munching nuts or fruits when you feel hungry near (Before or after) your meal timings.

The reason I mentioned two different timings for each meal above is that I know sometimes things don’t go as planned. Thus, you need to manage such small and important things because, in the end, you’re responsible for your health.